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Day 13 – This week


Was not too bad actually. Ziplocless won the bid for a fic at Dollars4Dreams auction. My muse immediately went over the moon because Ziplocless asked for Chris/Steve. I’d been holding her off to work on Pictures2Words fic, but now that it’s finished I hope to get her back in the box. *crosses fingers* Time to play in the Leverage/SPN White Collar sandboxes.


We travelled to Annandale, Virginia, Sunday to visit our spiritual family. We were able to broadcast our internet radio show from their home that night. On Monday, we pay homage to Orunmila and celebrate our Madrina’s Ocha birthday. A good time was had by all and we celebrated Latin style until 3 am.


On a down note, a lady I had become good friends with called me Monday afternoon to tell me she had been fired, and that I now had a target painted on my back because we tried to anticipate problems and solve them before they became a crisis.


Maryland has a fire & hire at will law stating that an employer doesn’t have to have a reason to fire you—they just can. It makes it easier to collect unemployment, but a pain in the ass when looking for another job.


It’s amazing to me the lengths the person in charge will go to to cover up the incompetency of a ‘good friend’ she put into a supervisory position. Cronyism at its finest. Believe when I say that a company run by women is no different in that aspect than one run my men. IMHO


As the week closed, I still have a job, but I’m at the point where I don’t care, and I need to find something that is less strenuous on my hips and legs.


There are too many good things going on to let one thing slow me down too much. Our internet radio show keeps improving. IMO so does my writing as I keep going back and re-reading to try and correct the simple things I keep doing or repeating, and I’m getting my office set up for adding tarot readings to the list of things going on in my life.


So I’m accentuating the positive and giving the finger to the negative.


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