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Day 06 – Your day

My icon the last couple days are pics of what's left of the house where my grandmother was born, and where I spent a lot of my childhood until they bought a modular house in 1968. The house didn't have electricity until 1964, and never did have indoor plumbing.


Two storm fronts that passed through the area have left joints achy and muscles stiff. I take ibuprofen like PEZ. After doing a pot of coffee with email, lj, and a few words added to one of my fics, I headed to work. One of the pumps that pumps water from the well to the washers is broken, so I was the only person in the laundry department today.


Made my drops. Picked up some lunch before starting my pickups. Only a few snafus through the day as we get ready to be inundated by participants in the SavageMan triathlon—Saturday is going to be a study in patience and not giving into temptation to make expensive racing bikes into hood ornaments.


Got home, spent an hour and half on the phone with my DSL provider about what day they were getting me the faster package I ordered. After a quick supper of hamburger, French fries, and tomatoes out of the garden, I started working on a media handout for the radio show to distribute to our guest speakers. Hollered at hubby for tormenting the cat, especially while she’s lying on my desk (things tend to go flying when she’s mad). Did a quick run through of our umpteen email accounts and Facebook pages before relaxing with my flist page and this thing.

Watching hubby play some kind of the extreme mini golf game on P3 while getting my head into the story I’m working on ‘til time to go to bed.

Luckily after Saturday I get two days to rest.



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