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I copied this post from rivkat because I couldn't have said it any better:

Two US agencies are holding hearings on copyright reform; enough powerful people (ok, companies) think that copyright law needs changing that this might actually happen. Don't let it happen without fannish voices: the OTW is soliciting stories of how creating transformative works has helped people in day-to-day life, whether that's through building language skills, video editing, writing, coding, or anything else. You don't need to provide personal information, but the more specific the better. You can submit your story through this form. We need to speak up, or we'll be left out.



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After 30 years behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer delivering the things everyone needs, government regulation has ended his career. He's building a new career out of his passion. This is his crowdfunding site. We thank you for your time.

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Monday, May 6th, 8pm edt; Internet radio host, Candelo Kimbisa welcomes Dr. Marta Moreno Vega to Candelo's Corner.

Dr. Marta Moreno Vega has dedicated her professional life to developing culturally grounded institutions, and placing the history and culture of African descendants in the Diaspora onto the time clock of world history. She is founder and president of the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, an international non-profit, created in 1976.

She has conducted extensive research in Yoruba Belief systems in the African Diaspora and has organized three international conferences uniting scholars and traditional leaders who are experts on these religions.

When the Spirits Dance Mambo was directed and produced by Dr. Moreno Vega, who also authored a book by the same title. Filmed in Cuba, this documentary focuses on the impact of Santeria on the Civil Society of the island.

She is co-editor of Voices from the Battlefront: Achieving Cultural Equity and author of The Altar of My Soul: The Living Traditions of Santeria.

Dr. Moreno Vega’s current project, Let The Spirits Move You, is a celebration of ancestral belief systems that are a proud and important part of our cultural legacy as African descendants. The documentary focuses on the African based spiritual traditions that continue in Puerto Rico grounded in ancestral worship - espiristmo.

Dr. Marta Moreno Vega - FB

Candelo’s Corner on FB

KDCL Media on FB

Dr Vega 1
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Miss Paula of KDCL Media presents Intuitive Healer, Author and Musician Robert Harding and producer Ella J. Holly--Tuesday 11am est & 4pm gmt

Robert Harding, is the author of  Blue Star, The True Story of One Man's Awakening and Vision Quest.

But in the late 60’s early 70’s Robert wrote songs. There were even offers to have them published, but there were...distractions.

Then about a year ago, he woke up and to his surprise one of his old songs was in his head. That song was This Was My Life.
Then over the next two weeks or so all of the old ones started to come back, and what really a shock was he remembered all the tunes/chords and most of the words.

Robert has two song writing Muses, these two ‘ladies’ have appeared many times during healings to the recipients of those healings. Robert asked them for help with songs—they are Mary, and St Therese of Lisieux the little known saint who has played quite a part
in his spiritual life.

Ella J. Holly is an award-winning radio broadcaster, producer, and voice artist, She's featured in national television and radio commercials, as well as audio books and website presentations. She hosts shows for the American Coaching Academy, Parenting HQ.com and the Children’s Ministry Academy, and can be heard as the voice of the Dwelling Place Ministry radio show with Rev. Al Pittman.

She is active in the pageant circuit, has judged numerous pageants throughout Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. As a professional singer, Ella garnered top ten hits in Germany, The Netherlands and Australia

Ella writes, is a public speaking coach and media consultant. She coordinated Blue Star Holistic Expo, and  produced Robert's single, God Be With You.

KDCL Media on FB

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Miami Ifa Forecast 2013 with Elder Oba Ernesto Pichardo 01/04 by KDCL Media | Friday 8pm est

After Dark Pl

KDCL Media and The H20 Network welcome Co-founder of the Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye and Lukumi elder Oba  Ernesto Pichardo. Oba will be discussing the annual IFA forecast from MIAMI for 2013.

Oba will decode the many layers of the letter of the year and how it has the potential to effect us individually, our spiritual communities,and HUMANITY as a whole. Join us! YOU CAN ALSO CALL-IN TO LISTEN 917-889-7526.


Our networks are creating and changing reality.

The H20 Network on FB

KDCL Media on FB


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Psychic Michelle Houchens Opens A Door To The Mind For 2013 12/27 by KDCL Media | Blog Talk Radio 8pm est

Michelle Houchens

Mile Hi Medium Michelle Houchens returns to KDCL Media and The H20 Network to give Miss Paula and Dia Nunez a sneak peek at 2013.

Clairaudient, clairvisual, and clairsentient, she is able to communicate with Beings in the room, the same as you and I sitting in a
room chatting.  In her current state of development, she has transcended over 300 levels of consciousness and has discussions with up to 30 Beings at once on the Other Side.  

She is certified in Advanced Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, PSYCH-K Facilitator, Advanced Theta Healing, Intuitive Philosophies, and Courtroom Mediation.

KDCL Media on FB

The H20 Network on FB

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To all the wonderful people on my flist...I look forward to seeing all the great things you produce in the coming year. HUZZAH!
A Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year to Everyone!
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After Dark with Rhonda Holy Bear 10/05 by KDCL Media | Blog Talk Radio 8pm edt
Rhonda Holy Bear

Rhonda Holy Bear is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. She was born in South Dakota, at Old Cheyenne River Agency, known as "Chief Martin Charger's Camp." Rhonda was raised by her grandparents, DeSmet and Angeline (Soft) Holy Bear. Rhonda's earliest dolls were a hammer and a clothespin and scraps of cloth she found around the house.

At 14, she moved to Chicago to live with an aunt. Rhonda wanted to sing. She wanted to be on television and on the radio. She enrolled in a school that had strong arts and cultural history programs. She found herself drawn to the traditional, hands-on skills of beading and sculpting.

When Rhonda was 18, she picked up a book and discovered a picture of an antique Indian doll from the late 1800's. She remembered the story her Grandmother had told her, and was inspired to create a doll at that very moment.

She held onto them until 1982, when she saw an ad in The Chicago Sun Times for a new art gallery called American West.

The gallery owner asked Rhonda to bring her dolls to the gallery to show his wife, who was a doll collector. The two dolls sold immediately. The gallery owners requested that Rhonda bring in more dolls for display.  An ad in American Indian Art Magazine, helped introduce Rhonda's dolls to the world.

Over the next 20 years, Rhonda’s work has been exhibited and collected by many galleries.

With every doll Rhonda asks herself deeper and deeper questions about her subject. The dolls have evolved far beyond being children's playthings. They represent her family and the roots of her tribal history. They have helped her to complete a circle in her journey as a Lakota.

Rhonda recalls a vivid dream she had when her Grandmother passed away. In the dream, a voice told her that, with her Grandmother's passing, Rhonda's back had been shattered. "Those are your relatives," the voice said, referring to the shattered pieces of her back. "You'll have to find a way to put them back together again."

Rhonda says, “My dolls represent my relatives, past, present, and future. Without them, I could not be who I am today. My ancestors and their stories are connected like each vertebrae of my spine. I carry their story with me in my back. It's a strong place to be.  ''Mitakuye Oyasin"

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I'll ask a question...or a series of them. I'll answer them too, but would love it if you would answer them in the comments (or in your own journal to perpetuate the fun...just comment here and link me there so I can read).

1) What is the first thing you said this morning? To who?
To Hannah our Pit Bull who loves to sleep. "Come get your jewelry on so you can go peepee

b) Close your eyes. Open them and look up. What do you see?
White acoustic ceiling tile

III) Grab the nearest book. What's the title?
Hoodoo Herb & Root Magic by Catherine Yronwode

D) What's the wallpaper on the computer you're on right now?
Steampunk Steve & Christian made a while back by DarlingLisa

5) Breakfast, what was it?
Noodles & Coffee

f) Peanut Butter: Creamy or Chunky?

VII) You survive the initial apocalypse, where do you live out the rest of your days? Try to find others and band together? Find a cabin in the mountains and hide? Something else?
In one of the local caves or one of the large farms & makes a compound

H) Word association: I say__________, you say _______________
a) Hot = Flash
b) Horny = Too many to choose from but a good thing hubby will be home off the road tomorrow
c) Fly = Ride the wind
d) Story = So many in my head
e) Mark Sheppard = his characters always make me smile

9) What time is it right now where you are?
5:56 am

Fin) You're about to be sent away from home, never to return. You are allowed one "comfort" item. What do you take?
Hubby or if 1 item plus hubby--photo album from parents honeymoon
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Have A Safe & Happy 4th of JulyLJ Size
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Candelo's Corner - Conjure Man Ali - Dr Raven 06/11 by KDCL Media | Blog Talk Radio8pm edt
Dr Raven

ConjureMan Ali is a professional conjure doctor and reader, is a member of the presitious Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, and co-hosts the renown Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour.

He is also a scratched Tata Kimbanda and is one of the few initiates in the United State practicing this Congo-derived religion. He is the author of the Hadean Press text called Saint Cyprian: Saint of Necromancers and is currently writting further texts on the topics of hoodoo, Kimbanda, and North African djinn magic.

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KDCL Media & The H20 Network host Door To The Mind with Jeffrey Seelman who has been helping individuals, families, and businesses since 1992. STARCLEAR was created to help the public understand the nature of negative emotional energies and negative spirits. Today, STARCLEAR continues to assist thousands of people each year in feeling happier & healthier, and living life to the fullest.

Jeffrey is host of Starclear Radio and Face Off , on the Para-X Radio Network, and also host of International Metaphysical University Radio. Jeffrey is a teacher, psychic, and an exorcist, specializing in clearing and psychic protection.

A clearing refers to the removal of negative emotional energies and negative spirits from a person or from a location. Jeffrey Seelman is also an expert on hauntings in homes and businesses, psychic ability, good ghosts such as spirit guides, curses, demonic possession, evil spirits, personal protection, and the nature of emotional energies and violence.


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MAY 1, 2012


Amy E. Brucker

I'm a healer, artist and gardener who loves spending my time reading a good novel. In my work, I help self-employed women turn their talents into lifework that feels deeply aligned on a soul level. You can learn more about me at GrowYourLifework.com.

Katrina Dreamer

I help women trust their innate wisdom so they can live in full bloom. As a spiritual healer, writer, public speaker, and teacher I’ve worked with hundreds of women to help them unearth their unique gifts. You can learn more about me at KatrinaDreamer.com.

We can do it together! Hey there. We’re Amy and Katrina, two healers who wish to address a growing challenge we see amongst our clients and friends: mainly, that women know they have inner wisdom, but even so, they’re having trouble hearing, trusting and sharing it with others. So to help out our community, we’re co-hosting a FREE tele-seminar for women who are ready to heal their pain in order to reconnect with their power. It’s called

Birthing Women’s Wisdom

Release your pain to own your power!

May 1, 2012 at 11:00 pacific time


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Rainbow Support is a fandom auction intended to raise funds for a variety of LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual) charities to support them. All winning bids will go to the organizations actively working to better the lives of the community, individually and as a whole and to organizations that are actively working to support and promote LGBTQIA rights.

Important Links

Approved Organizations
Offering Words
Offering Art
Offering Graphics
Offering Food
Offering Audio
Offering Something Interesting
Questions, Comments, Concerns

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Rainbow Support is a fandom auction intended to raise funds for a variety of LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual) charities to support them. All winning bids will go to the organizations actively working to better the lives of the community, individually and as a whole and to organizations that are actively working to support and promote LGBTQIA rights.

Important Links

Approved Organizations
Offering Words
Offering Art
Offering Graphics
Offering Food
Offering Audio
Offering Something Interesting
Questions, Comments, Concerns

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] havenward at Freedom vs Piracy
I'm sure everyone and their mother is making a post today about SOPA (and its sister legislation in the Senate, PIPA). I'm sure you've already seen (and read up for yourself) about the line between trying to rightfully protect copyright, and the foolishly (and purposefully) vague language of the bills is dangerous.

It's dangerous for innocent people.

It's dangerous for start up internet companies.

It's dangerous for fandom.

Fair use all but disappears from the internet, and as one of the big players of industry, the US legislation could set the tone internationally. Where once we supported anti-censorship movements in places like China, we'll do the same thing to our own, with plenty of room for abuse.

Because any company big enough, who acts "in good faith", could have LiveJournal blocked just because of the fanvids being posted. Because of a link to a fanvid.

Our representatives have been paid well for their votes, so you need to make your voice heard. Sign the petitions. Email your representatives (places like Change.org and Google have information on how). Call your representatives. If you're like me and don't like calling people, fax them. Yes, your reps do still have fax machines. You can head here to do it.

Do something. Don't sit silent. They're counting on that.
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o all my online acquaintances that inspire me to keep going. Health, Wealth & Prosperity for the coming year.


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