yansadracan: (Clint/Tony)
Title: Doing Double Duty
Author: [livejournal.com profile] yanzadracan
Fandoms: AU Avengers/Supernatural/Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters
Characters Clint Barton; Tony Stark; Thor; Bruce Banner; Natasha Romanoff; Steve Rogers; JARVIS; Pepper Potts; Maria Hill; Jasper Sitwell; Agent Woo; Nick Fury; Phil Coulson; Original Characters; Dean Winchester; Bobby Singer; Ellen Harvelle; Jo Harvelle; Sam Winchester; John Winchester; Mary Winchester; Samuel Campbell; Hansel; Gretel
Pairings: Clint Barton/Tony Stark
Rating: R
Word count: 5,669/10,475
Spoilers: The Avengers 2012; Campbell/Winchester back story from Season 4, Episode 3 “In The Beginning
Warnings: Language, a little sex
Disclaimer: The Avengers, Supernatural, and Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters belong to their respective creators. This is a work of fiction based on the above listed characters. No money made. Any mistakes that were missed are mine.
A/N: Dean is recruited by SHIELD Arcanus after Sam goes to Stanford. A huge Thank You!! for the Beta read done by my beautiful Meimei.
Summary: There are many faces of SHIELD. There’s the face that the public when they handle alien invasions, and threats to world peace, but the hidden face, SHIELD Arcanus, hunts the myths and monsters that makes the public face look like a summer picnic. Clint Barton works for both sides.


Clint was bristling with weapons though you'd never know it by looking at his suit. He hated being in the Senate hearing room, but Tony had insisted. JARVIS had done a hell of a job keeping his image from news footage, paparazzi and now the Senate video cameras, but being in the middle of the crowd made him twitchy. So far Fury had let him stay with Tony, and other than Natasha punching him in the face and then hugging him, she was the only SHIELD contact he'd seen. Things were beginning to pick up speed and he hoped his plans worked out.

Until he saw Justin Hammer. He wanted to put an arrow through his eye just to shut his stupid lying mouth. When he'd asked Tony, the genius grinned.

"Now I know why I love you besides your great ass."

They both stopped wide-eyed at Tony's words.

"I love you, too, and if Pepper wouldn't kill me for making you late for the opening of the Expo I'd show you in great detail."

He watched from backstage as Tony gave them his all. He shuddered to see the fine black lines that crawled under Tony's skin as the palladium poisoning spread. Clint locked his dread away and promised to be whatever Tony needed to get through this.


He watched from the shadows as Tony sat in the giant donut. The birthday party was nothing short of a twelve on the Richter scale.

"Mr. Stark, please come down from the donut!" Nick Fury ordered.

Clint slipped further into the shadows.

Inside Fury told Tony he knew about the palladium poisoning. Clint almost broke cover when Natasha stabbed Tony in the neck, and trembled like a thoroughbred in the starting gate to go to his lover. He almost tumbled from his perch when Fury raised his voice.

"Agent Barton! Will you stop skulking and come sit down!"

Clint came out of the kitchen like he'd been there all along and settled beside Tony as he looked for signs of whatever Tasha had in her needle.

"It's fine, Legolas." Tony soothed as he sat.

Fury and Romanoff both glared but Clint refused to cower.

"You think I would damage an asset of your caliber by giving you to the scientists we have working at Pegasus?"

Clint knew about Pegasus. SHIELD had never revoked his access and it had given JARVIS the door he needed into SHIELD's and Arcanus' files.

"If it met your ends." Clint answered truthfully.

"Nope...not gonna happen. Hawk's ass is mine now, and I don't like when people touch my stuff." Tony pulled his sunglasses down his nose to look Fury in the eye.

Fury blinked first.

"When this op is wrapped, you're to go with Agent Coulson to Pegasus since you have an intimate relationship with the Tessaract, and watch everyone and everything around the cube. You will report anything out of the ordinary."

"Yes, Sir." He squeezed Tony's hand.

Tony felt the slight tremble in the archer's hands and knew this was the beginning of what might be the end.


Agent Coulson didn't turn a hair at Hawkeye appearance behind Stark's shoulder as the helicopter landed. His threatening to tazer the billionaire earned him a glare from his asset as he stepped slightly between his partner and his handler.

"Stand down, Sweet Cheeks, I'll be good. I'm sure you and Agent have some catching up to do while I visit with dear old Dad." His tone was sarcastic.

Clint was glad the fight with Rhodey hadn't destroyed the kitchen. He handed a cup of coffee to Tony.

"Coffee, Agent Coulson?" He kept his tone polite, but he was worried.

"Thank you…Clint." Coulson relaxed and followed his friend into the house.

They settled where Clint could keep an eye on Tony.

"I understand."

Clint's head twisted back to Phil.

"Why you ran. Fury was pissed, but Director Singer wouldn't give up your secret."

Clint closed his eyes in relief. He made a decision.

"I need you to make me a promise." He looked at Phil.


"NO! I don't have enough friends to lose one. You can't confront Loki with NO backup."

"Your eyesight goes farther than just your targets."

"Thanks to meeting Tessa. Phil…"

"I'll try, Clint, but I have to do what's required."

"BART! I could use an extra set of hands."

Phil watched Clint's face light up as Tony Stark leaned into the archer with a soft look on his face. He hoped it would be enough if what Clint 'saw' came true.


Coulson moved through the Pegasus base checking on all parts of Phase 2. He didn't agree with fueling weapons from something they'd been told was sentient, but the WSC didn't ask his opinion, and Fury would use any means necessary to get the job done.

Clint had been watching Dr. Selvig and his techs for a week, and everyday his expression was more closed off. If he was communing with the cube, he never said a word. Coulson had heard the younger men on the phone when Clint had told the Deputy Director of Arcanus it would be like putting the sun in a cage. The next day Singer, Winchester, Hill and Fury landed on site and all hell broke loose when Loki came through the gate and took Clint, Dr. Selvig, and a handful of other agents along with the Tessaract.


JARVIS travelled with Clint via the Starkphone Tony had given him. He hated causing Sir pain, but he needed to know.

"Sir, it's started." The AI's voice was almost a whisper.

"Loki's got my bird?"

Pepper looked up from where she was studying the schematic of the Tower

"Yes, Sir."

"I hate when people take my stuff." He muttered.

"Sir, Agent Coulson is requesting entrance."

"Tell him I'm busy."

"I'm afraid he's using the overrides."

"It'll be the last time."

He glared at Pepper who gave him a sweet smile as the elevator opened to reveal Agent Coulson. He held the file out to Tony.

"I don't like people to hand me things."

"I love people to hand me things." Pepper batted her lashes at Coulson while handing the Starkpad to Tony.


"I know." He turned to the images on the computer.


The Tessaract and Clint fought against Loki's control. Loki's master among the Chitauri wouldn't let him rest so nobody got to rest. The God of Mischief refused to let Clint more than an arm's length from his side unless he was on task. 'Tessa' kept feeding energy into Clint so his mind was clear enough to limit collateral damage while making sure Loki didn't catch on to what he was doing. After crippling the helicarrier, he tried to take down as many mercenaries as possible by sending them into pre-set kill boxes before heading to the detention level.

Red hair and green eyes glowed in the emergency lighting as Black Widow ducked his arrows and pummeled his exhausted body. He felt 'Tessa's' amusement as Natasha's teeth latched onto his arm then his head met the metal railing. He pulled himself to his knees.


A hard right and Clint collapsed on the deck.


Waking up in medical with Tasha staring intently was nothing new. What was new was Clint wanting to stay where he was and sleep for a month, but the bossy bitch in the blue cube was pumping his body full of Asgardian magical energy.

Damn it, Tessa! He growled mentally.

We have to finish this, Archer. The battle is nigh. I have one last 'gift' for you.

I know he promised, but Fury's going to strap me to a table and never let me go now.

I think your Man of Iron will not share what is his willingly.

For a glorified night light you sure got a smart mouth.

Soon I'll be going home.

When Captain America and Natasha cleared the way for him to the armory, the Tessaract urged him to take a quiver of regular arrows along with his weaponized quiver. He didn't understand until blue energy moved from his hand into his arrow. When the glowing arrow embedded itself in a Chitauri eye the creature's head exploded. Finally a gift that keeps on giving.

Tessa fed him energy through eating shawarma and medical-Tony never left his side, threatening anyone who even looked like they were going to suggest Clint be detained.

They ended up at the Tower, everyone but Natasha not having anywhere else to go. When Tony got himself and Clint stripped, showered and in their bed he told Clint his handler was dead.

"No." Clint's voice was a choked whisper. "He promised me he wouldn't go after Loki alone."

Tony held still while Clint searched his face-to make sure he was telling the truth. Too exhausted to run and too exhausted to keep the emotions in check, both men collapsed into each other and mourned the death of their friend.


Bodies heavy with exhaustion and grief, The Avengers watch Thor prepare to take a restrained Loki back to Asgard. Clint mentally bid a farewell to Tessa. The Tessaract in return implanted one last thought into the marksman's mind. The two Asgardians twisted the container's handles and disappeared.

Clint collapsed holding his head when his link with the Tessaract severed.


It was long past the witching hour when a figure traversed the shadows on the dry docked helicarrier. He carried out the last suggestion given by Tessa. Finding only one of the two things he searched for, Clint slipped into bed drifting to sleep against his lover, the blue stone from Loki's scepter clutched over his heart. The blue glow slowly seeped from the stone and into the gash made when Loki tried to steal his heart.

When Tony woke, he was alone. Finding Clint staring out the windows he spoke softly.


"I couldn't find him."


"Phil. I couldn't find his body in the morgue."

"Did you ask JARVIS?"

"We searched together, Sir."

A small blue glow under Clint's wife beater caught Tony's attention.

"What did you find, Legolas?"

"Before she left Tessa gave me one last 'gift'." He pulled off the shirt. "A hawk for 'her' Hawkeye."

On his chest where his anti-possession tattoo had been was a tribal hawk with a bright blue stone for an eye. Blue energy crackled on Clint's fingertips.


"It's the stone from Loki scepter. It was a part of the Tessaract. It healed the broken link, and left me a regular Redi Kilowatt."

Tony chuckled, but sobered when Clint's face fell.

"We'll tackle Fury about Agent's body." He promised.

"What if he holds it as a bargaining chip for me?"

"Too bad. I get first dibs on my lover as a new energy source. Now let's go find you some food. Then more sleep I think."

Tony marveled at the Black Widow as she curled around her partner in their bed. She'd given him a glare daring him to object when she'd slid under the covers and wrapped around a sleeping Clint. He worked on the search for Phil until fatigue pulled him down to curl around Clint from the other side and went to sleep. As he fell into sleep he chuckled inwardly at his and Clint's matching night lights.

After a week with no results, Clint asked Tony to stop searching. Seeing the two assassins deep in mourning for their handler and friend had the others closing ranks around them.

Clint Barton resigned from SHIELD, but stayed with Arcanus and The Avengers. Agent Natasha Romanoff stayed with SHIELD, but took a permanent mission as Pepper Potts' PA to watchdog Stark Industries and their competitors.

Arcanus broke from SHIELD and moved its offices into the renamed Avengers Tower since Stark already had labs and top notch security in place. A heavily shielded and magically warded vault for dangerous artifacts was built into a sub-basement, and Ellen Harvelle was coaxed out of retirement to head up the research department-her daughter, Joanna in charge of legal.

Bobby Singer told Nick Fury he was packing his tent and leaving before he had a revolt in the ranks over the WSC using a nuke. The wily old fox had been building a support network for years while using SHIELD resources until he could make a move. Fury's treatment of his assets had been what Singer needed to break away without raising the WSC's ire.

Fury cursed the loss of Arcanus, his agents and the resources Arcanus had afforded him, but knew the blame rested squarely on his shoulders. He knew Barton and Romanoff wouldn't stay without Coulson. The damn man ruined his best assets. He assigned Agent Jasper Sitwell to act as liaison since he was the only handler Clint and Natasha would tolerate.


Six months after the battle with the Chitauri, the society mavens of New York went into mourning as billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark married his bodyguard, Bart Franklin, in a private ceremony. Only The Avengers and a few family and friends were in attendance.

Six months after Arcanus broke from SHIELD, the receptionist gave a cold reception to a very tall man in a very expensive suit. Retired from the field after Winchester, Barton, and an 'old family recipe' cured her after she'd been forcibly turned into a vampire. Trina Jakes made it her business to know who was persona non-grata to the men, and Sam Winchester was number one with a bullet.

"I'm Sam Winchester from Moore, Mason and Winchester. I have a ten o'clock with the Deputy Director."

"Have a seat. I'll let them know you're here."

Sam was confused at the woman's unfriendly manner. Usually the prestige of his firm's name had people falling over themselves. His thoughts were interrupted by the ding of the elevator. A handsome sandy haired man in black tactical clothing stepped out.

"Follow me."

He didn't wait for Sam just turned back for the elevator like he didn't care if Sam followed. The elevator door closed, but the elevator didn't move.


"Scan complete. Admittance approved."

"Thanks, JARVIS."

Sam wondered at the security, the research he'd done had shown Arcanus was a company with a very small public footprint. The elevator opened to another receptionist. She frowned at him, but smiled at his escort.

"Conference room. He didn't want his office ruined."

His escort snickered and turned left down the hall into a conference room facing the street and all the rebuilding.

"Have a seat. The boss'll be will you shortly. There's coffee and water in the carafes." The shorter man turned to the door.

"Wait?…my time is very valuable…wait how long?" Sam demanded.

Sam felt winter when cold grey eyes turned on him.

"You called us-we didn't call you, Winchester."

Before he could recover from his surprise the man was standing outside the closed door. To help settle his nerves, he poured glass of water and pulled his presentation folder out of his briefcase. The door opened, his escort came in the room first followed by…

"SAMMY! Long time no see, bro. What's it been…oh yeah…Dad's funeral where you couldn't be bothered to give your grieving brother the time of day." Dean's tone was biting.

"Dean!? You're the Deputy Director of Arcanus?"

"What it says on the door of my office." He motioned the man in black over. "I want you to meet some family Dad never told us about. Meet cousin, Clint-we've become brothers." He gave Clint a wink.


"Yeah. He was with me at the funeral. There are lots of Campbell cousins…a few great aunts and uncles…most of them hunters…some of them even work for me."

A petite blonde walked in the door.

"This is Joanna Harvelle, Head of our legal department. I figured since you're a lawyer this had to be something legal."

The blonde stuck out her hand.

"Mr. Winchester. What can Arcanus do for Moore, Mason and Winchester?"

Fifteen minutes later, Sam was dismissed, and he was almost run down by a dark haired wild man.

"Hey Dean-o, is my husband done playing bad ass bodyguard for the Deputy Director, we're wheels up in an hour?"

Tony Stark grabbed Clint's hand, and turned to leave.

"We're done." Dean laughed.

Sam stepped in their path and stuck out his hand.

"Sam Winchester."

Clint snatched Tony behind him.

"Sorry." Tony smirked from over Clint's shoulder. "Legolas doesn't like people touching his stuff. Plus I know who you are. JARVIS are we doing business with his firm."

"Miss Potts issued a memo when Arcanus moved their offices to the Tower as a courtesy to the Deputy Director."

Tony shrugged. "Too bad. Gotta run. Don't forget poker Friday, and bring Mr. Crankypants." He pulled Clint out of the room.



"Sam heard you were just on your way out."

"Yes, but…"


Now Sam stood on the street outside The Avengers Tower wondering what just happened.


A year and a day after the battle with the Chitauri, JARVIS informed The Avengers that Miss Potts was bringing guests to the communal floor.

"Who?" Tony growled at his AI.

He feared everyday that Fury would try to take Clint from him so he'd tightened security to where a fly couldn't get through without JARVIS notifying him.

"Miss Potts asked me not to say, Sir."

JARVIS sounded sorry, but he also sounded excited.

Something was off. Clint looked at Natasha who way too relaxed after hearing unknown people were in the elevator, so he focused on the windows and tuned in his far sight, but the elevator didn't give him time to focus before it arrived.

To keep his sanity, Clint kept a tight rein on his far seeing. In the beginning he'd been nearly overwhelmed by all the futures until he'd gained control. It had been quiet recently, and nothing had tripped his paranoia until Natasha acted out of character.

Natasha knew Clint was confused by her actions, but Pepper had sworn her to secrecy. She only hoped Clint would forgive her.

Pepper stepped out of the elevator.

"I found these two at the airport, and thought I'd bring them home." Her expression and voice were full of joy.

Blue eyes locked with grey as Agent Phil Coulson stepped off the elevator with none other than the Winter Soldier, aka James 'Bucky' Barnes. Shock held everyone in its grip until Clint walked out of the room without a word.

"I'm glad you're not dead, but not glad about the emotional mess you've just made of my husband." Tony glared at Phil, Pepper and Natasha as he went after Clint.

"Bucky?" Steve breathed out like he'd been holding his breath. "How?…what?…"

"Long story, but if you got a beer I'll be glad to tell you about it."

He enveloped Steve in a hug.

Bruce gave Natasha a look of such disappointment she actually twitched under his scrutiny.

"I hope they were worth the pain."

Thor was a little more enthusiastic.

"Son of Coul! I wondered why I could not find you in Valhalla. It is good you have returned. You were mourned greatly by your friends."

"Thanks, Thor."

Pepper looked between the two agents.

"Did we do something wrong. I thought they'd be thrilled to have you back."

"They are. They've also been lied to by Fury, Phil and now you and me." Natasha said softly. "Clint was doing fairly well until yesterday. Tony barely got him through the anniversary of the invasion. I warned you he'd feel betrayed. He blamed himself for your death. Now he won't trust me because I didn't tell him you were alive."


Tony had forgotten how fast Clint could move. By the time he got to the roof, his archer was soaked by the early autumn rain.

"Bart? Come in out of the rain."

"Why…he…they…I thought…"

"AGENT. It's practically in their DNA, and knowing Romanoff's background it probably is."

He muttered as he pulled his drenched husband into their bedroom. He stripped off Clint's cold wet clothes and shoved him in the shower. They'd barely made it through yesterday. JARVIS had blacked out all news broadcasts and remembrance programs, but Clint had still spent the day alone in the maintenance ducts mourning those who'd died because of his actions. The fact that his actions had cut the number of casualties substantially didn't register.

"Bed or going downstairs and kicking Agent's ass?" Tony kept his tone light as he kept a tight hold on Clint.

"I guess SHIELD and Captain America did mean more to him than anything else, but I don't get why Nat lied."

Clint turned in Tony's embrace to stare out the windows.

"Because Pepper asked, and I think our little Natalie may have a thing for her 'boss', and if I read the file right Romanoff and Barnes worked together while at the Red Room."

"So it's okay to use and abuse us for the greater good? I can just imagine the great good of having the Winter Soldier on your side."

"I didn't say I agreed with them, Bart-just suppositions as to their motives."

"I don't have to make suppositions thanks to 'Tessa'." His voice was cold.

His circle of trust suffered a major contraction.

"Do you want to cancel 'poker night'? I'm sure everyone would understand."

"It's at Dean and Bobby's?"


"I'm in." He pulled out fresh jeans and Henley shirt along with a shoulder harness and silver short sword.

"Uninvited company for the game?"

Tony ran his hands over the broad shoulders accentuated by the leather.

"Strong possibility." Clint leaned forward and planted a kiss on the 'V' of skin showing above the arc reactor.

The couple stopped on the communal floor, but stayed close to the shelter of the elevator.

"Off for poker night-who's in?" Tony yelled.

Thor and Bruce stood with smiles and moved toward the elevator. Coulson stepped out of the kitchen toward Clint.

"Agent Barton, we need to talk." He said calmly.

"If Director Fury or Agent Romanoff failed to bring you up to speed-I am no longer employed by SHIELD, Agent Coulson so there is no reason for us to talk."

Nonplussed Coulson backed up as Bruce and Thor brushed past. By the time he gathered his wits they were gone.

"You really didn't think it would that easy." Natasha said from behind him.

"He really quit?"

"He works for Arcanus and his husband."

"Stark really married him? I can't believe Singer…" Coulson started.

"Split from SHIELD, and protect Clint from Fury's lab rats. That's why their offices are in the Tower. Why The Avengers are an independent entity. The only reason there's a liaison is to handle clean-up after battles." Natasha cocked her head. "Fury didn't read you in?"

He looked over at James and Steve getting re-acquainted. Pepper sent him a smile from the couch.

"You think Fury sent me in cold so I'm seen a 'victim' of Fury's machinations?"

"Tony still consults, but is highly paranoid. Maybe he thinks you can bring them back in the fold." Natasha shrugged.

"Can I?"

"No. The best you'll get is a good working relationship and forgiveness, but they'll never forget. Since you came back with Yasha in tow, Hawkeye will be expecting you or Steve to suggest Winter Soldier become part of The Avengers. He has all the bells and whistles-cybernetic arm, the Red Skull version of the super soldier serum, sniper…all much better than a mere human."

At Pepper's call, Natasha left Phil with his thoughts. He stared after her, a lead weight in his gut.

Had that been Fury's plan all along?

The senior agent felt ill at Black Widow's suggestions. There would be words with the Director in the morning. Pepper calling his name pulled him out of his thoughts.


"I didn't come back with Coulson to stir up a hornet's nest." Bucky opened a new beer.

Like Steve, he couldn't get drunk, but he enjoyed the taste of good beer.

"Are you going to work for SHIELD?" Steve asked.

"They're recruiting to fill Hawkeye's spot on the roster."


The Winter Soldier looked up at his old friend. The steel in his voice was new.

"The Avengers are no longer connected to SHIELD."

"What are you beating around the bush about, Steve?"

"If Fury sent you and Coulson here thinking I'd pull Hawkeye from the roster in favor of you-you should go back to SHIELD, now."

"I'll go where they want me, but from the scuttlebutt about Barton-as a sniper is the only way I could replace him. I came here with Coulson to see a couple old friends. Top shelf beer doesn't hurt."

"Then go talk to Natasha-she's getting impatient, and the Black Widow in a pissy mood is not a pretty sight."


Phil Coulson's return from the dead was the main topic of conversation as the men played cards.

"Who is this Bucky the good Captain seemed so happy to see?" Thor asked.

Tony gave him the Reader's Digest version of Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier and best friend of Steve Rogers.

"The 'Man of Fury' will employ this Winter Soldier?"

"He's my replacement." Clint added.

"WHAT!" Tony squawked

Play stopped because everyone was staring at Clint.

"You have seen this, Hawk Brother?" Thor asked.

"I don't need to see it, and you don't need to be a genius either." He glared at Tony and Bruce.

"Why have a human on The Avengers when you can have the Winter Soldier?"

"Then it's a good thing Fury doesn't have a say." Dean said.

"What about Steve? What if he wants his best friend on the team?" Bruce asked.

Before anyone could answer there was a flash of light. When the light dissipated, Clint was standing with the point of his sword under the chin of a dark haired man in a trench coat who looked bewildered at having a sword at his throat.


"My sensors register a source of great energy inside the body of a human."

"The poor slob's possessed?" Dean asked.

"He is a righteous man that has been chosen as a vessel for an angel of the Lord."

"What is this angel creature?" Thor asked.

"They're supernatural beings that are minions of the Christian's God." Bobby answered.

"How are you called?" Thor asked.

"I am Castiel. I have been sent to tell you there is work God requires of you."

He started to move until he remembered the sword.

"I assure you I mean you no harm. You can call off your man."

"It must not be very important work if God sent the angel of Thursday." Dean chuckled. "You'd think we'd at least rate an archangel."

"What's this important work?" Bobby asked.

"There is an apocalypse coming, and it must not be allowed to happen."

Clint shoved the angel into a chair while laughter filled the room, but stood at the ready.

"Son, you just described every odd Friday around here." Bobby said. "You go back and tell God we're doing just fine."

Before Castiel could speak again, Dean shut the door and slapped the hand he'd sliced open in the middle of a sigil. The angel disappeared.

"Just what we need another alien race sticking their noses in our business. No offense, Thor."

Dean walked over to the sink. Clint cleaned and bandaged his hand.

"None taken."

Dean sat back at the table.

"Who's turn to deal?"


When the elevator door opened, the poker players were laughing at Thor with Clint tucked under his arm. The archer was trying to get the thunder god to put him down in between bouts of laughter.

"Dean was joking, Big Guy."

"Why would he joke about that?"

The blond set him down.

"Like Tony he's a sore loser."

The tension in the room seemed to register with the laughing men. Tony walked to the bar while Bruce and Thor followed Clint to where Steve sat with Coulson. Captain America actually flinched when he saw Clint was wearing what Tony called his 'spy face'.

"Am I still an Avenger?"

"Yes, Yastreb." James answered as he and Natasha walked up behind where Steve and Phil sat. "I'm a great sniper, but I suck at tactics and strategy. Nobody knows that but Steve and Natal…Natasha." He grunted when Natasha elbowed him over her name.

Tony grabbed his husband around the waist and tugged him back toward the elevator.

"Then it's time for all good little…yastrebs to retire to their aerie and have celebratory sex with their husbands. Come along, Legolas. I can hear our sinfully luxurious bed calling our names."

Blushing-Clint let his husband pull him into the elevator.

~ Fini ~

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